Kavita Kaushik’s claustrophobic experience on a flight!

Kavita Kaushik recently on a Jaipur to Mumbai flight had a very interesting escapade with the cabin crew of the airlines. Not many people know that Kavita is claustrophobic and gets suffocated in closed places. Kavita who had offered her front row seat to an elderly patient occupied a vacant seat near the emergency exit. Very soon the actress started feeling suffocated and so after the flight took off she went and stood near the air hostess area chit chatting and joking with them for the entire duration of the flight till it landed to divert her mind.

Kavita Kaushik said, “Very few people know that I’ve a slight issue of claustrophobia, I get breathless in humid and crowded places and due to this hellish summer the plane cabin was too hot and the flight all full, the emergency exit seat the staff provided me was although fine but I got a little uncomfortable so I preferred standing and chatting with the air hostesses and taking pictures with them for the entire flight. It was good fun actually.”

She further added, “Whenever I see an elderly person I want to do an act of love and kindness for them, it makes me feel that someone will do the same for my parents if and when I’m not around”.

Kavita will be seen as Dr Bhanumati Bhinn in SAB TV’s new show Dr Bhanumati on Duty.

Dr Bhanumati on Duty premieres on the 7th of June, every Monday to Friday 10:30 pm only on SAB TV!

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