Global Player C-Zentrix Sets Stage for Next-Gen Customer Experience

C-Zentrix, global leader in software products for contact center and enterprise level applications for voice and data has set a new benchmark in taking contact center technology to a completely new level by paving way for seamless 360° experience for the end customer. The contemporary digital age technology sets the pace to proactively engage and delight customers, the middleware component to this experience is the Contact Center  which can be a key business differentiator for contemporary and new age organizations.

Encapsulating C-Zentrix’s Vision 2020 their CEO Saket Setu said “We at C-Zentrix are reimagining and innovating the Contact Centre dynamics to delight our customers’ customers and work collaboratively for their business growth. We are relentlessly working to help integrate analytics into our existing solutions to facilitate smarter and real time decision making for our clients. Befitting the new global trends we would be soon upgrading our solutions from multichannel to omnichannel customer engagement model.”

Setting the tone for this new level of customer connect, C-Zentrix has now pioneered addressing the crucial component in the entire narrative i.e. of the Agent bringing the service, business to the customer and vice versa. C-Zentrix has pioneered itself with the coining of ‘Agent Gamification’., which refers to a key aspect in catering to an innovation of various tools with which an agent’s experience can be enhanced as well as made useful whilst waiting in between calls. Products are in the pipeline to address this waiting time as the company seeks to be the world player and the first to address these crucial roles as the product portfolio grows exponentially.

Customers of the 21st century are spoilt with choices and the best way for an organization to leave an impact on the prospect is to enhance his experience through his interaction with the organization’s contact center.  There are manifold benefits of ensuring a world class Customer Experience (CX) through the contact centers as they are the first touch points for a customer’s communication.

Spelling out these advantages of assuring enhanced CX include viz.

  • Customer Loyalty
  • Client Referrals
  • Brand Enhancement
  • Improved revenues

Ensuring a distinguished CX through contact centers is also essential when digital disruption has led to multiple channels through which a new age customer can communicate in addition to telephony.

Leap to improved customer experience begins from C-Zentrix’s unique in premise Contact Centre solution which is the world’s only single box solution which can cater to 180 agents simultaneously and is equipped with :-

  • IVR– Built on Advanced XML based IVR creator with text to speech and speech recognition functionality.
  • ACD– Comes with advanced functionalities like skill based routing, roaming agents, live barge in, call forwarding etc.
  • CRM
  • Dialler
  • Voice Logger
  • MIS Reporting

C-Zentrix’s Contact Centre solutions are highly customizable and can be seamlessly integrated with existing CRM platforms like Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Talisman & many others.

C-Zentrix’s existing offerings C-Zentrix Shared Cloud (CSC) and C-Zentrix Dedicated Cloud (CDC) comes to the fore in its infrastructure- less Contact Centers acts a big business enabler for ambitious entrepreneurs. The agile, light on the pocket, hassle free cloud-based solutions are well-equipped to run a small to large-scale call centre set up with a capacity of 5000+ seater concurrently. A monthly pay scheme gives the benefit of putting an entrepreneur’s business idea into practice.

For the existing businesses, the solution also comes handy with swift migration to the platform while ensuring business continuity.

As partners in progress, C-Zentrix facilitates seamless scalability to help their clients migrate from the cloud to their on premise solutions to help them meet their growing business needs. With 500+ customers and over 50000  live licenses, C-Zentrix caters to a plethora of industry verticals like e-commerce, BFSI, Education, Manufacturing, Telecom, BPOs, etc.

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