Sakra World Hospital Organises India’s First Indo-Japanese Knee Course

Nearly 150 doctors participate in the first-of-its-kind course that included live demonstration of surgical procedures, case studies and discussion on the latest trends in Total Knee Replacement

Indias first Indo-Japanese Knee Course organised by Sakra World HospitalSakra World Hospital today organised India’s first Indo-Japanese Knee Course in the city today. The Annual Indo-Japanese exchange program was attended by nearly 150 doctors from all over the country. The course was presided by Dr. Nao Shibanuma, HOD & Senior Consultant of Orthopaedics, Kobe Kaisei Hospital, Japan and Dr. Chandrashekar, HOD, Institute of Bone & Joints at Sakra World Hospital. On the occasion Sakra World Hospital also announced the launch of the latest technology – Handheld Pocket Navigation in Total Knee Replacement.

Other faculty at the Indo-Japanese course included leading doctors such as Prof. Rajesh Malhotra from AIIMS (Delhi), Dr.Akhil Dadi of Srikara Hospital (Hyderabad), Dr.Aashish Sharma from SDMM (Jaipur), Dr.Anil Thomas Oommen of CMC (Vellore), Dr.P Dhanasekara from Ganga Medical Center & Hospital (Coimbatore) and Dr. Banarji B H from Sakra World Hospital.

The Indo-Japanese Knee Course presented trends and technical advancements in the Total Knee Replacement (TKR) procedure.  The course highlighted Computer Assisted TKR procedure being adopted at Sakra World Hospital that helped in faster recovery, lesser blood loss, higher accuracy, safer options for diabetic, hypertension, blood pressure and heart patients among others.

“The first Indo-Japanese collaboration where doctors from both countries exchanged information on the latest trends and techniques in total knee replacement procedures was organised today. The purpose of this course has been to find out the latest technology available that can be shared with the young doctors in India as well as benefit the end patient. The best of Indian doctors who were part of the faculty shared their experience and expertise in the subject. “said Dr. Chandrashekar. P, Head of Sakra Institute of Bone and Joints, Sakra World Hospital.

The one-day course which was divided into three sessions and two live surgeries divulged into various topics including – basics of knee arthroplasty, biomechanics of the knee and bones, detailed explanation on the various techniques used by surgeons during knee arthroplasty, introduction to computer assisted knee replacement procedure, the different types of navigational knee replacement procedure, the difference and benefits of computer assisted knee replacement over conventional knee replacement procedure, followed by discussion of complex case studies by the experts in the field.

“Though India and Japan are so different in terms of culture, language and food, yet what we practice in medicine is very similar and we are pleased about this international collaboration and the launch of India’s first Indo-Japanese Knee Course. We will be able to exchange the best of techniques and templates in the advanced treatment of total knee replacement procedure and believe that it will benefit both sides and will continue to collaborate moving forward, said Dr. Nao Shibanuma, HOD & Senior Consultant, Kobe Kaisei Hospital, Japan.

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