Autoload Unveils Mobile Apps for Transporters & Truck Owners

Auto Load - LogoAutoload, India’s pioneering digital platform for trucking industry, today unveiled first ever Mobile Apps separately for Transporters for finding Trucks and Truck Owners for finding Loads.

This unique App allows the transporters to check the availability of trucks in real time, getting confirmation of trucks and real time price confirmation. On the same side, the Truck Owners can check automatic load suggestion, price visibility and profitable routes. The app is available on Google Playstore on Android platform.

“The innovative App will seamlessly connect both with transporters and fleet owners bringing transparency and faster connectivity in the fragmented transport sector. More than 35,000 truck-trailer and around 250 transport companies are already using our platform. Our aim is to expand rapidly to remove current inefficiencies in the transport industry.” saidMr. Navin Gupta, Co-Founder & CEO, Autoload.

“Amid the anticipated growth of the manufacturing sector via ‘Make in India’ and government’s impetus to improve the road infrastructure, we see a huge scope in the transportation business. Our technologically advanced services to transporters as well as truck owners will bring efficiency and cost reduction in the process of truck bookings. The intent is to bring the much needed transparency in the transportation of goods, which is the biggest problem in this sector at present.” he added.

Fleet owners are unable to determine where the loads are available and hence are not able to get the loads from nearby locations or loads for their return journey. They are forced to travel with empty trucks resulting in increase in freight rate which is ultimately borne by the end consumer. Fleet owners can maximize their revenue by reducing the empty returns and having visibility of all loads in a location.

Transporters work on tight deadlines and are heavily time-crunched. This App will enable them to save their precious time and reduce efforts on hiring trucks and trailers. With a transparent and efficient system for trucks / trailer booking, companies can deal with the problems of non-availability, dealing with multiple brokers and operational inefficiencies.

Autoload has multi-layer verification process for trucks and drivers before providing them to the transporters.

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