Students gain insights on a drought-less future

“Trio students organize an interactive session with a farmer to discuss possible solutions for the prevalent drought condition”

Students at TRIO World Academy organized an interactive session with a farmer, where they discussed possible solutions for the prevalent drought situations taking the country by storm. In a bid to do their part towards ensuring that the future will be safe from severe droughts like the one that has hit the nation, the students have taken a proactive step to understand the cause and effect of drought.

Mr. Anil Nadig and Mr. Laxminarayan S, of the Garden City Farmers group interacted with the students and spoke about various topics that were in correlation with the drought. He also discussed with students certain tips on water conservation and rain water harvesting.

They also captured the interest of the students by explaining a break-down of the ‘Journey of food- From the farm to fork’. In addition to this, he highlighted the importance of subscribing to organic food.

Mr. Laxminarayan said, “It is important to provide exposure to the children on the realities of the world. The need to adopt a lifestyle that is sustainable and can preserve nature for the future generations. It is good to see the school taking an active interest in educating the children on nature. We are constantly hoping to establish a connect between the children and the nature, as they are the ones who will be most affected by it in the future”.

A student at Trio stated, “We rarely have the opportunity to interact with people with first hand experience of farming. We got the chance to meet Mr. Nadig and Mr. Laxminarayan today and get a clear picture of the problems faced by farmers and the need to conserve water. This encourages us to promote the need for rain-water harvesting more seriously than before. It was an informative and eye-opening session.”

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