ISBT Announces BevTech India with a Major Regional 2020 Meeting

The International Society of Beverage Technologists (ISBT) announced the creation of BevTech India with its sole mission to plan and host technically focused regional meetings in the India region. ISBT is making a significant effort to support the growing beverage industry and its needs for access to the latest technical expertise.

The inaugural BevTech India event will take place in Mumbai, India on 18th February 2020. The event will take place at Taj Santacruz, Mumbai, India.

ISBT Announces BevTech India with a Major Regional 2020 MeetingTo manage its events in India, ISBT has asked Dr. D.V. Darshane to lead this effort. DV, as he is known to all, will manage and direct all program duties for BevTech India events. DV comes to this position with a long history of successful interaction with all FMGC and suppler stakeholders in the Indian & International beverage industry. DV will ensure the highest professional standards and quality are in place as key foundations of the BevTech India program.

ISBT can now offer to the Indian market the same technical expertise and networking opportunities that has grown BevTech’s events in US, Europe and Latin America,” says Larry Hobbs, Executive Director of ISBT about this launch. “We are looking forward to the growth of the India event and the closer interaction with members of the beverage industry in this region.

We are gratified by the opportunity for ISBT to partner with AFSTI Mumbai Chapter to launch the inaugural BevTech India 2020 event,” says Dr. Manus Mitchell, President of ISBT. “I look forward to showcasing the many benefits that ISBT can provide to the burgeoning and innovative India beverages market.

As BevTech India 2020 is the first event of its kind, we expect the marketplace to react positively to this news for bringing knowledge, expertise and exposure to advanced technologies and solutions to address industry needs,” says D.V. Darshane, Managing Director of BevTech India. “We plan to match the event program to the needs of this dynamic and fast-paced market. We will leverage the best in global beverage industry technical knowledge in new beverages, processes, and packaging for the Indian market.”

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