Timex Celebrates Space History with New NASA Logotype Wristwatch

Curiosity for space and a desire to understand something greater—the summer of 1969 marked a milestone with the Apollo 11 lunar landing. In commemoration of this landmark moment, Timex celebrates the 50th anniversary of this historical event that shaped American history. As a tribute, Timex has launched its new Timex X NASA Navi wristwatch. The watch is the perfect amalgamation of vintage-inspired diver-style watch and the iconic NASA logo.

Timex Celebrates Space History with New NASA Logotype Wristwatch - TW2T95900-DPioneers in timekeeping, Timex Group has excelled by harnessing the power and possibility of time. This new watch is a testament of Timex’s commitment to delivering classic, time-honored designs through exclusive, luxury collector’s pieces.

The wristwatch, available in US at a price of $129 watch, is an ode to the giant leap for mankind. It has a stainless case, white dial, blue fabric strap and is emblazoned with the NASA legacy logo. In addition, the watch also has a 24-hour display and is water resistant to 100 meters (328 feet). This watch is the perfect companion for adventure across land, sea or space.

Timex Group companies continue to deliver unparalleled quality to highly diverse and global customers.

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