Super Surfaces announces its entry in the Indian market with extraordinary surface finishes

Super Surfaces, the luxurious plaster crafted for the interior and exterior use is all set to launch in India. The pioneer in Venetian plaster is introducing an ambitious and path-breaking concept that transforms the space into wondrous works of art, be it walls or floors. It employs plaster finishes and decorative paints for walls, ceiling and floorings that provide bespoke designs for your home.

Speaking on the occasion founder Mr. Kumar Varma said, “Super Surfaces is the first Indian company, and one of the very few across the world, that exclusively specializes in Venetian Plaster-the ancient technique of wall decoration, giving it a modern contour. We are a Hyderabad based brand that aims to blend this magical substance with some impeccable, imaginative, finishing combinations and techniques to create bespoke masterpiece spaces. Our masterpieces can delightedly be owned by anyone as we add character and not just colors to the home”

Venetian Plaster is a composition mix of Marble powder, Lime Plaster and Cement treated. It has been there for centuries but captured the imagination of craftsmen and artists only during the 16th century renaissance. At Super Surfaces, this technique is matched with an impeccable finish that makes any regular surface a masterpiece in its own right, transforming the space into haute art.

A perfect combination of art and science, Super Surfaces focuses on customization, creativity and technique that helps to create the most authentic finishes on any surface. Sourcing natural lime from Italy and other parts of the world, Super Surfaces creates plasters in varying designs and patterns, to achieve extraordinary special effects.

Super Surfaces is a perfect choice for all the decorative dreamers that provides the perfect finish for your spaces

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