Sadhguru Shares His Mission To Save Cauvery on ShareChat

With the acute water crisis and spiraling ecological damage to the Cauvery river, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, of Isha Foundation, started a 3500 kilometer-journey along the Cauvery basin. The journey is in continuation of efforts for revitalizing India’s rivers and in turn transforming the lives of at least 84 million people. This journey recently gained popularity on ShareChat, India’s fastest growing regional social networking app through a video depicting the importance of water conservation in India. Sadhguru has promoted the same on his official ShareChat handle and has received a fantastic response from users who have shared the video ahead. With over half a million views, the message has reached far and wide on ShareChat.

The initiative with the hashtag CauveryCalling has received a staggering response of many shares on the application spreading the message across the country. Citizens can also contribute to the movement by donating saplings, to meet the ambitious plantation target of 242 crore trees.

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