Section 377 getting decriminalised and Do Lafzon ki’s timing was indeed god sent : Sherrin Varghese

Sherrin Varghese, the renowned Indie-Pop artist, who makes people dance on his tunes, is all happy as a clam, since section 377 got decriminalised in India. With this change, he wholeheartedly looks forward to celebrate the true spirit of India with his recent directorial gig, Do Lafzon Ki, as it’s storyline is about homosexuality and love.

Section 377 getting decriminalised and Do Lafzon kis timing was indeed god sent - Sherrin Varghese 2“Really glad that in some way, we were able to sensitise this issue through our latest music video, where we’ve shown that love should be open to all. The timing of #DoLafzonKi couldn’t have been more god sent. Congratulations to the entire #LGBTQ community and many thanks to this landmark judgement by the Supreme Court of India.” said Sherrin.

“Do Lafzon Ki” cover by Veena Parasher is the evergreen R.D. Burman number conceptualised by Sherrin Varghese. It clearly expresses that love comes in all forms and in this case you can look at it in different ways. Indeed the video is a masterpiece which talks about the other side of love – Between the third gender.

As for Sherrin, he has always been unequivocal about his opinions on the things that concern our society. He believes that individuality is what makes everyone stand out from the crowd and one should embrace it, despite whatever perception people have of you. His take on such issues clearly define his stand and lending out support to the LGBT community is just a wonderful step, a strong-headed person like him could take.

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