Kidney donors save two lives – SPARSH successfully conducts transplants

SPARSH hospitals celebrated the successful completion of two kidney transplants at their Yeshwantpur facility. Both the patients are  recovered and doing well. One patient who was brain dead (cadaver)  a twenty-year-old young boy donated his kidney to a 61 year old patient from Bengaluru while another 33-year-old lady Mrs. Nagaratnamma from Tumkur donated her kidney to her own 43-year-old husband Mr. Ashwatiah. The organ donations are such a humane act and it is said one human can save eight lives by donating his organs commitment to which is given when one is in the pink of health.

This operation was conducted by Dr. Avinash(Urologist) and team, along with Dr. Ramachandra (Nephrologist). While the live operation took three hours in the case of husband-wife duo, the cadaver donor to receiver patient took just over 4 hours. Both the receivers are doing well and back to their routines.

Kidney donors save two lives - SPARSH successfully conducts transplantsSPARSH hospitals with this also announced that now regular transplants can be done at their facility for kidney, pancreas, heart and heart valve (tissue). The Yeshwantpur unit of SPARSH was opened three years ago and is a 250 bedded hospital with all facilities under one roof. SPARSH Hospitals other facility include one at Infantry road and one at Health city (Hosur Road) other units in Davanagere, Gulbarga and Raichur.

Chairman Dr. Sharan Patil speaking on the occasion said, “It is heartening to see such a great teamwork by the SPARSH doctors and support staff and it surely calls for a celebration. Organ donation is such a Samaritan thought and the best part is that it gives life to the needy”. He went on to say, “I am glad we have such committed staff who worked day in and out to make SPARSH Hospital into a successful transplant centre”.

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