Veteran artist Vinod Sharma showcasing Mindscape by Creativity Art Gallery

Artist Vinod Sharma is exhibiting in Delhi in a gap of twelve years.

Dr. Karan Singh & Dr. Uma Sharma inaugurated Mindscape, Solo exhibition of Paintings By veteran artist Vinod Sharma organized by Shekhar Jhamb Creativity Art Gallery, at the Visual Art Gallery, India Habitat Center, New Delhi in the august gathering of many veteran and young artists and art lovers across the city.

Celebrated scholar, Member of the Parliament, The Former Chairman of Indian Council of Cultural Relations (ICCR), the decedent of the Jammu and Kashmir Royal family, Dr. Karan Singh describes the importance of arts in our daily life after lightning the lamp to inaugurate the exhibition. As he mentioned the nature or Prakriti as Goddess Mother.

Veteran artist Vinod Sharma showcasing Mindscape by Creativity Art Gallery

Veteran Kathak danseuse Padmabhivashan Dr. Uma Sharma said, “Vinod Sharms’s paintings are mind blowing, I am not even getting enough words to describe the beauty of his work. In my school days and even in college days beside practicing the Kathak dance, which is my life and for that people know me, I also use to paint a lot. I love paintings. And I know the difficulties of this art form. That’s why I am spellbound to see the details work of his paintings, where he describes through his master strokes, the little minute details of fogs, mists, the surface of stones”.

Dr. Uma Sharma , also pointed out particularly of her favourite paintings and also describes why she has liked those three masterpieces.

Noted artist and curator of the exhibition, Manish Pushkale said, “After having a close look on his paintings, let me start with this quick question – what he paints? One can answer this with great ease that he is a fine landscapist or he is a painter of the polite interpretations of Landscape. When we have Painters like Ramkumar or Ganesh Haloi – whose work revolves around their earned melodies of landscapes whereas on the other hand painters like Paramjeet Singh or Surya Prakash, whose work reflects various existential and realizable moods of the surrounding nature. Herewith such references, let me return and ratify my existing quarry i.e. where Vinod Sharma exists? And his paintings are about rationalist’s melody or a realist’s memory? This is a tangible truth that his paintings assess our memory, ravishes our senses, exaggerate our attention aVeteran artist Vinod Sharma showcasing Mindscape by Creativity Art Gallery 3nd forces us to recollect if they really exists on this Planet? After all, in the eyes of a viewer, the realm of his landscape not only produces the path but also ravel the explicit possibilities of our reach in it”.

“Through his paintings, he mystifies the territory by adding the perplexities to its beauty and confines our memory; he not only dislocate us from the edge of our own confirmations but also relocates us in its accumulated shifting paradigms. It may crush our confidence and destroy our sense of experiences as this land actually does not exist anywhere. It is interesting to be lost in his labyrinths of no man’s land – with the connotations of a land of no man, and a man of no land. The terrain which is not at all surrounded by any kind of man made encroachments. Is it a site which is either waiting for the civilization yet to emerge on its sphere or it is a purview where only the aftermath silence exists as an epilogue of its lost civilization? Whatever the answer is… all depends on how one see them…” signed off Pushkale.

On asking about the secret of the minute details he creates on the canvas, the veteran artist Vinod Sharma, laughingly said, “you know I just throw colours and it takes shapes…” then finally he described that, “each and every frames takes more than a month to complete and there is indeed lots of hard work.”

“I love nature, and here you see all the paintings are depicting the beauty of the nature, and if you see, I did not put captions to the paintings, I have called the show – Mindscape. As it is up to the viewers, let them think about the work by themselves, let them have their own interpretations  about the nature through these paintings,” said the master creator Vinod Sharma.

Chandra Shekhar Jhamb of the Creativity Art Gallery, said, “I am honoured as the veteran artist Vinod Sharma has been kindly agreed upon to exhibiting his masterpieces with us. As we see the artist seems extremely happy after showcasing his work, after twelve years gap in Delhi. And this time his style of work is very different, as he has used lot of colours this time. All the artists present here, mostly of his very close friends and colleagues, I am happy that they all are enjoying and appreciating the hard work.”

Name of The Show: “Mindscape”

Date:  19th to 21st  February 2018 at Visual Art Gallery IHC New Delhi

Exhibition Continues From 23rd  February To 11th  March 2018 at Creativity Art Gallery, 06 Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi 110016 

Time: 11am To 07pm

Contact : 011-46072799

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