The Indigo Sun is dedicated to Imtiaz Ali – Author Rupa Bhullar

Celebrated writer-director Imtiaz Ali launched debut author Rupa Bhullar’s book – The Indigo Sun at Su Casa Bandra, Mumbai on December 7, 2017. Much like his films, her book revolves around, finding oneself and love, with travel at the center of the story.

The Indigo Sun is dedicated to Imtiaz Ali - Author Rupa BhullarThe venue came to life with an unprecedented crowd. The event, hosted by Firstpost talk-show anchor – Imran Ismail, witnessed a hearty conversation between Rupa and Imtiaz on various ways travel helps people discover their true selves. The celebrated director has woven soul searching tales through travel in his films. It is travel that helps in underlining the unrest within his characters at the start of his stories.They aren’t struggling against the world; their conflict is internal.

Elements of a similar narrative run through NRI author Rupa Bhullar’s novel where the protagonist grapples with her vertical fall, from glittering heights to abysmal depths. Rupa’s book is a colorful odyssey weaved with the fabric of culture, heritage, simplicity and celebration of life. The Indigo Sun will take readers on a beautiful journey of love, self-discovery and happiness.

Commenting on the book launch Imtiaz Ali said, The first time I spoke to Rupa, I could really connect to her and her passion for this story. There was something familiar in her voice that convinced me to attend this event. When someone writes a story, it is not because they know everything. It is an attempt to find answers. The Indigo Sun is one such book that will take you on a journey and inspire you to find your own answers.”

The Indigo Sun is dedicated to Imtiaz Ali - Author Rupa Bhullar - Imtiaz AliSpeaking on the launch of her debut novel, an elated Rupa Bhullar said “It is the beauty of travel that inspired me to write this book and I am delighted to launch my book with Imtiaz Ali. It was Tamasha and the story of Ved that inspired me to write this book. Since I watched the film, I realised that I cannot not write the story of Maya and this story is completely dedicated to Imtiaz Ali.”

Readers across the world can pick up their copy of The Indigo Sun from bookstores or any online stores and read the enchanting tale of Maya.

About Rupa Bhullar

Rupa serves as the Director of Finance and Business Development at a leading global corporation that provides digital and financial software solutions. She holds a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Charter and a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration. Rupa was born in India and spent her early childhood years in Jaipur before moving to Chandigarh, the place she still calls home. She relocated to the US in the year 2000, spending time between New York and Los Angeles before settling down in New Jersey where she currently lives with her husband, two sons, a Zen dog and a senior bunny.

About her upcoming book – The Indigo Sun 

Maya(The Illusion of life) at 31, is stunningly beautiful, amazingly successful, wonderfully loved and incredibly incomplete. She is like a thirsty fish, surrounded by water and longing for water. With a glamorous, jet setting New York City lifestyle, a stellar career that is the envy of many, a swanky apartment overlooking Central Park, and a handsome partner who runs a successful hedge fund, she has everything but happiness.

When Maya’s superficially plastered, model worthy life develops the slightest crack, everything comes gushing through like the torrent of July monsoon. As she grapples with her vertical fall, from glittering heights to abysmal depths, Maya is stirred by a recurring dream- a little girl with a piercing laughter inviting her to ‘Come home’. Led by this compelling dream, Maya makes an emotional decision to leave everything behind and travel back to her roots- to Jaipur, a small colorful town in India where she has spent two years of her early childhood life.

‘The Indigo Sun’ is an enchanting tale set among the desert sands of Rajasthan where Maya is led on a transformative journey by a young boy named Ananda (Bliss), a mystic gypsy woman called Leela (The diving play), and Veer (The courageous one), a well-respected, socially driven entrepreneur from London. Together, they embark upon a colorful odyssey weaved with the fabric of culture, heritage, simplicity and celebration of life.

In this unknown, distant, colorful land, surrounded by strangers, Maya’s past, present, and future come together as do her body, mind, and soul. While Maya was looking for her answers, her answers had been looking for her. She discovers another meaning of life, forms incredible bonds, meets the man of her dreams, and finally comes face to face with her own truth- ‘The Indigo Sun’, a treasure that lay buried in her heart all along.

She is finally home.

Home – neither a place you live in, nor a place you arrive at… it’s where you belong, and ultimately return – a return to the beginning, a return within.

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