Wild Stone bursts the masculine myths with #NotAMan campaign

With the social upheaval, it’s time men realize what it takes to be a ‘Real Man’

Wild Stone, one of the leading fragrance brands for men in the country launched #NotAMan campaign on International Men’s Day. The campaign had given a refreshing twist to the Men’s day celebrations by provoking men to realize what it means to be a real man and burst stereotypes related to masculinity. The brand innovatively conveys the message that the true essence of Men’s Day celebration can be achieved only when men realize their responsibility and take ownership of ensuring that women are truly respected and appreciated, thereby making society a better place to live in.

Wild Stone - NotAman campaign2Leveraging the vast reach of social media through platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Wild Stone engaged with prominent male bloggers and influencers from different genres like fashion, travel and technology to drive credible conversations around the theme. The popular men’s fragrance brand roped in famous Indian celebrities like Suyyash Rai –a popular television actor and ex-Big Boss contestant and Jaey Gajera,-India’s most famous celebrity blogger to create a buzz around the campaign. The campaign was widely accepted across geographies and even caught eyeballs of international activists like Cindy Gallop. #NotAMan reached over 7.2 million Twitterati, garnered a massive 55 million impressions and received 7500+ conversations. A customized photo frame for Facebook users was created to share users’ thoughts and experiences. The specially designed Facebook frame reached over 50,000 users and received 13k interactions across geographies. The campaign was also amplified via Instagram and Whatsapp using branded and user generated content. #NotAMan hash tag was acknowledged by users across platforms and compelled men to recognize the true qualities that go into making a man a true gentleman.

Speaking about the campaign, Mr. Narendra Kumar Daga, Managing Director, McNROE Consumer Products said, “On International Men’s Day, we should cherish and celebrate the contributions and achievements that men make for their partners and families. It becomes essential for men to acknowledge the injustice done to women in our society and change is the need of the hour.”

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