Organic Chamomile Tea – The de-stress cuppa – From Typhoo

A flavourful brew of organic infusions from Typhoo

Typhoo, the iconic British Tea brand known for its assortment of Teas and green teas, also caters to a segment of speciality beverages– Organic Herbal Infusions. Made from 100% natural herbs and flowers,this caffeine free brew is infused with natural ingredients and is Typhoo’s flavour of the month!

Typhoos Summer time recipes - Iced Peach Mint Green TeaThe Organic Chamomile is soothing floral infusion created from organically grown pure chamomile flowers. After a hectic day, the brew assists to calm and de-stress oneself. Typhoo’s Chamomile tea works as an ideal cuppa to calm you.

Crafted by Typhoo’smaster blenders, Chamomile infusion is naturally caffeine free and is known to be an excellent calmer. A cup of this light, golden hued drink with a sweet, floral flavour works particularly well just before bed.

The Chamomile tea is brewed is most nature-friendly practices to ensure its purity.The refreshing Chamomile infusion revives and soothes you at the end of a long tiring day and helps you to rest and have a sound sleep.

MRP: 243

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