WhiteBalance produced film to premier in Ottawa for the UNESCO Week for Peace and Sustainable Development

WhiteBalance, a New Delhi based film production company has secured the digital campaign rights for the UNESCO MGIEP(Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development) project that aims to transform education systems around the world.

WhiteBalance - UNESCO MGIEPThe non profit body was impressed with their strong graphics team, international quality standards and unique storyline depicting the goal of innovation of education systems.

The film is aimed at developing innovative pedagogies that are aligned with technological advancements that equip the younger generation with 21st century skills that help create peaceful and sustainable societies and foster global citizenship. The organization wanted to put this objective across to the target audience through a compelling visual narrative.

WhiteBalance - UNESCO MGIEP 2WhiteBalance came up with various storylines to effectively communicate the client’s message whilst ensuring the animation takes the viewer back to school, so as to act as a reminder of the importance of learning and the positive impact on children required to create global citizens.

Speaking on securing the rights, Robert Godinho, Founder of WhiteBalance added  “This film shines a light on our continuous endeavours at WhiteBalance to push for creative work that rivals global standards. We are extremely proud of the film and our association with a reputed global organization such as UNESCO MGIEP. The fact that the film is primed to be launched in Ottawa, at the UNESCO Week for Peace and Sustainable Development: The Role of Education Conference ,furthers our sense of achievement”.

8 animators put in a total of 3600 man hours to bring the film to life, a feat made possible because of the stringent checks and emphasis WhiteBalance places on quality and talent acquisition.

 “At WhiteBalance, we cultivate talent by encouraging our varied team of artists to continually push for innovation in the work that they do. As a team, we cherished working on this project for UNESCO MGIEP to create a film that is at par with international standards of animation work”, said John Paite, Head of the Graphics Team at WhiteBalance.

WhiteBalance - UNESCO MGIEP 4The film is a superior work of animation using advanced 3D animation software such as Maya, Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects.

The film highlights UNESCO MGIEP’s effort to make education a joyous experience that can transform mindsets, societies and finally, the world. There has been important and strategic placement of UNESCO MGIEP’s policies and programs are highlighted with keywords that flash across the screen at appropriate moments – terms such as ‘Gandhi Neurons’, ‘sustainable development’ and ‘critical thinking’.

A globally evolved education system that leads to cognitive and socio-emotional development and a future where sustainable development contributes towards a sustainable world, a world hopeful of a better tomorrow.

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