SYYBOL takes Mumbai by the storm

Introduces first ever Instructor Training Workshop for the dance fitness enthusiasts

Syybol Workout 1Syybol, name derived from systematic Bollywood, a full body workout that incorporates fun and fitness, kicks off its first ever Instructor Training workshop in Thane. This workshop will help learn Syybol Fitness Approach, Syybol workout components, blending fitness and choreography, client management and last but not the least it will help make a career in the dance & fitness industry with a novel approach.

Syybol gives your daily workout a different perspective. It believes in the inherent enjoyment of the workout by rest and restore mechanism leaving the person attaining fitness ‘high’. It is a 45 minute dance based workout based on specifically designed principles of fitness, using LOCAL music and FAMILIAR dance moves, not imported unfamiliar body movements. Dance exercises positively impacts mental wellness beyond physical fitness. In a short period of 5 months, Syybol has captured the imagination and minds of people with over 26000 + fans, facebook posts have reached 800,000 plus people per week, Syybol videos have been viewed by more than a million people andengagement is approx 40000 per week.

Syybol Founders - Ashraf Sayed and Manisha KapoorMs. Manisha Kansara Kapoor, Founder, Syybol commented on the occasion, “SYYBOL addresses the most common reasons for people to drop off fitness programs – Boredom and Fatigue. This is not just a fitness class, it’s an experience and it takes you on a journey. We love motivating people and this class reaches such a wide market, because it’s about being super fit with a lot of fun. It is our ambition to make Syybol the next fitness workout from India that impacts the world. So far the only thing in this category is Yoga. Our key need right now is to attract good instructors to fulfil the demand that we are generating across Mumbai and India. The workshop aims to teach dancers, choreographers and fitness instructors an innovative dance fitness form which is energetic, systematic and entertaining. This will give instructors an added competitive edge as it is very result-oriented.”

Mr. Ashraf Sayed, Co-Founder, Syybol and a seasoned dancer, choreographer and fitness trainer with over 12 years of experience said, “We believe that every kind of body should be celebrated. Dance is one exercise that doesn’t require talent or form or even a place, or shoes or equipment. We therefore believe that it is for everybody. We want to look at fitness from a lens of body positivity as we feel that the fitness industry is becoming too stereotypical in the way that it depicts fitness.”

SYYBOL engages all important muscle groups and positively impacts several health parameters. Syybol believes in maximising effectiveness and minimizing injuries through 5 key fitness principles of:

  1. Cardio, Strengthening and Stretching
  2. Rest and Restore
  3. HIIT and Active Rest
  4. Breathing Techniques
  5. Activate and relax small and large muscles.

So now this is your time for you, to be exactly who you are. Why wait!!

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