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Sophistique Perfume Selfie Box by, one stop online destination for superlative fragrances, introduces its exotic yet mesmerizing Sophistique Perfume Selfie Box. The captivating box consist of fresh and sophisticated miniature scents of international brands like Louis Cardin, Lomani, Maryaj, Baug Sons to name a few. Manufactured in Paris, France and UAE, the perfume box comprises of seven, 4ml of perfume miniatures, a total of 28ml of perfume, which is sure to last for 60 days. The exclusive perfumery is pure elegance in all its perspective and is sure to charm your personality flawlessly.

Sophistique Perfume Selfie Box by Perfumeboothdotcom 3The Sophistique assortment of perfumes with its fresh top notes, flowery center and flirty base is all set to bloom your aura wherever you go. No matter what your taste is, this set of perfume is classic and is suitable for all the occasions. The scents brings in the rare neroli and fuses it with fantastical floral notes which is perfect for an evening party or a dinner date. In the nutshell, wear these perfumes for special occasions where you want to make your presence felt as the perfumes promises that you smell great all day long.

Price: Rs. 475/- each

Availability: The perfume boxes are exclusively available on

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