HDFC Life brings life insurance within reach of the masses with the launch of HDFC Life Pragati

HDFC Life Pragati is an affordable traditional life insurance policy that guarantees premium returns with premiums starting as low as Rs. 100 per month

HDFC Life - LogoHDFC life, one of India’s leading private life insurance company, today launched HDFC Life Pragati, with the potential to take life insurance within the reach of every single household and financially secure every single individual in the country. HDFC Life Pragati is a traditional life insurance plan that has been specifically designed to empower low income families. The ‘with profit’ life-cover helps savings grow with guaranteed premium returns.

HDFC Life has always believed in offering products that caters to key financial challenges facing various consumer segments. Expanding the target consumer segment to include the economically challenged individuals from not only the metros but also the Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, HDFC Life Pragati makes life insurance easily accessible to every person who wishes to financially secure his family.

With Pragati, HDFC Life wants to offer the dual benefit of systematic savings (with guaranteed premium returns) and wholesome life protection, making it an ideal financial product for every Indian household. It not only enables them to fulfill future life stage needs but provides the safety protection net from uncertainties of life.

On the occasion of the launch Mr. Sujoy Manna, ‎VP-Products at HDFC Life said “Almost half the population in India belongs to the lower income group, aspiring to enhance their quality of life and secure the financial future of their family. The priority of this consumer segment is children’s education and to secure future financial security for their family. With this insight we aimed to offer a product that will help the customer reap the dual benefits of systematic savings and protection, without making a significant dent in their monthly income.”

The most prominent features of the product are:

  1. Affordable premiums starting at Rs100 per month
  2. Offers ‘Auto Cover Continuance’ wherein full death benefit is payable for up to 2 years after last unpaid premium
  3. Only traditional life insurance plan that offers Guaranteed cash value after 1st premium payment
  4. Hassle free issuance based on Declaration Of Good Health (DOGH)
  5. Flexible premium payment options

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