“Vision and Vista” – A Group exhibition of Paintings & sculptures

Farhad Hussain - 26 x 27 x 10 - Fiber glass 2The present scenario of art market is facing changes of choices. The enthusiast young buyers certainly prefer contemporary Indian art in various ways. The concept of buying art as an investment has revived through. In conceptualising this state Creativity Art Gallery has come up with their new exhibition by contemporary masters as “Vision and Vista”.

Samit Das 2The show is conceptualized to put forward the best senior contemporary artists from India such as, Eva María Pacheco Ricote, Farhad Hussain, Gogi Saroj Pal, Samit Das, Sudip Roy, Ved Nayar,Vasundhara Tewari Broota, Vinod Sharma. They all have set a mile stone in their creative venture and their canvases speak the true form of color and their inheritances as well. Eva María Pacheco Ricote is a Spanish artist and her works are basically based on spiritual things because she is a PhD research scholar and her research is a continue process on her spiritual development through the painting and raj yoga meditation. Farhad Hussain’s paintings are a mélange of vibrant colours. Basically farhad’s works are based on the realities of human relationships and their subtle complexities. On the other hand theiconography of woman is an important feature of Gogi Saroj Pal’s work and her images are not devoid of context. As an artist, Samit Das creates multiple layers and remarkable forms using urban architecture as his points of reference and departure. He also builds interesting textures in his works, some tactile while others are only visual. Sudip Roy strength lies in his realistic rendering of everyday things in life. He takes inspiration from the people and objects that he sees around him. In Ved Nayar’s work environment has been a major concern. In keeping with her growth as an artist, Vasundhara Tewari Broota’s paintings have now evolved to encompass both the natural and human-made material world. As an artist Vinod Sharma is so much in love with his country’s landscape. Standing amidst his work is like experiencing a gust of fresh mountain air.

Samit DasIn terms of structure and thought process this exhibition is planned to put forward the best and fresh collection of the said artists and to create a montage of artistic diversities.

The idea of integrating all the said artists will not only create a new experiment but also will provide the beholder to perceive something fresh and new.

Art market is running after investment, human mind is more often biased with the thoughts of re-selling the artworks and housing them in the names of hierarchy. But when art for art sake comes, it only denotes creativity and enthusiasm. One great philosopher Plato said that “nothing can be created, everything is just re-creation. Through this show we are targeting to perceive talents rather than investments.

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