Meet Chanchal – Mother of the three Pehelwan sons in Ichhapyaari Naagin

Divyajyotee Sharma plays the role of Chanchal Pratap, a mother of three sons in the show Ichhapyaari Naagin. Taking her role seriously, she feel love and affection as a mother towards this three boys even off screen. Being Sweet, Bubbly and Edgy her character Chanchal goes through multiple emotions as a wife, a mother, a daughter-in -law, a mother -in – law and a grandmother. Playing through this we spoke to her brief about her experience.

How does it feel playing a mother of three Pehlwan sons?

I love it. I have four kids in real life and when it comes to onscreen I just act the same way around them like I do with my children. The bond we share off screen and on screen is just the same as a mother and a son.

Tell us about your connection with the three boys?

Oh, I definitely feel connected with them more like a mother. I have a dialogue in the show where I keep saying “Ale mera bacha” and the same goes off screen I keep telling them the same thing. I definitely share a motherly connection with them.

Divyajyotee Sharma as Chanchal Pratap in Ichhapyaari Naagin 2How did the role come to you?

I was very fortunate that I got to play this role. I have worked with Siddharth before. I was not doing television for a long time and was not willing to take up any television project. But Siddharth didn’t listen and casted me as a mother of this three Pehelwans.  I somehow liked the concept and my character so I agreed to it. And here I am now as Chanchal.

Your character Chanchal is scared of Dadi in the show. Is it the same way even off screen?

No, not at all. Faridaji is very friendly and she like a motherly figure to me. I have done a show with her before. She is the most adjusting person on the set. We eat our food together, we even used to share our rooms before. I really like being with her and together we have loads of fun.

One character from the show you really like and why?

I cannot point out a specific character but Sabal and Prabal, my two eldest sons are my favorite. I am very fond of comedy and their character has this funny quotient which I like the most. I also like Khadak’s character who’s my husband in the show. His character is full of life. He keeps the positivity and activeness alive in the show.

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