Khadak to throw Ichha out of Pehelwan house in Ichhapyaari Naagin

SONY SAB TV LogoSony SAB’s Ichhapyaari Naagin has witnessed a lot of drama post Ichha’s (Priyal Gor) disappearance and with the entry of Makraant (Amit Dolawat). Makraant has been sent by Vishnaini (Sonia Singh) to destroy Ichha. In the upcoming track we will see that Babble (Mishkat Verma) manages to find Ichha and brings her back at Pehelwan house.

Seeing this, Khadak (Badrul Islam) fumes with anger and declares that Ichha cannot stay with the Pehelwan family. When Ichha disappeared Khadak’s mother (Farida Dadi) had cried for her which was intolerable to him. Dadi somehow convinces Khadak to let Ichha stay with them, however, during all this drama Makraant throws web on Khadak because of which he turns completely negative. Dadi is overjoyed when Khadak agrees to let Ichha to stay with them, she informs everyone that khadak is convinced, but, due to  the influence of the magical web thrown by Makraant, he once again declines Dadi’s request for Ichha to stay with them.

When Babble tries to argues with Khadak on the same he ends up slapping Babble. Just then in anger Khadak casts a spell on Sabal too by throwing the jaal on Sabal (Rakshit Pant). A chain reaction of sorts, Sabal also turns completely negative which results in a huge tiff between all the family members. After hearing the commotion, Ichha goes to the scene to check and is shocked as she sees a suspicious spider on the wall.

Will Makraant be able to create a tiff between the Pehelwan’s? Will Makraant succeed in throwing Ichha out of the Pehelwan house by manipulating Khadak?

Talking about the track, Priyal Gor who play’s Ichha, said, “Makraant with his negative powers tries to destroy the peace in the Pehelwan house. Since Khadak is manipulated by Makraant to not let Ichha stays with the Pehelwan’s, it will be interesting to see what drama will unfold next.”

To find out what will happen next, watch Ichhapyaari Naagin, Monday – Friday, 8 pm only on Sony SAB!

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