A Bomb Alert Terrorizes SAB’s Chidiyaghar

In this week’s track, everyone is terrified with the news of terrorists loaded with bombs entering the city. Babuji tries to warn everyone to be alert and not touch anything accidentally which could turn out to be a bomb.

SONY SAB TV LogoOn the next day, the youngest son Kapi and Babuji head out to an ATM far away to withdraw money of smaller denominations. While in the ATM queue, a man standing before Kapi requests him to hold his bag while he visits the washroom. Kapi courteously holds the bag. However, it is shown that the bag had a bomb in it!

Two men had planted that bomb as an act of revenge against the Government, because they had lost a large sum of money due to demonetization. They chose that ATM because there was a huge crowd gathered there.

Kapi found it strange when the man does not return for a very long time. With a strong suspicion, Kapi alerts the guards about the bag which could contain a bomb. The guards call for the police, and the media also arrives at the scene. Kapi is told not to move. Everyone watches Kapi as he stands still.

The two men who had planted the bomb observe from a distance, and decide that just when the crowd is a large enough near Kapi, they plan to press the button enabling a bomb blast!

Saraansh Verma who plays Kapi’s role in the show, said, “It was quite a task standing still for the shot when I am holding the bag containing the bomb! Nonetheless, this week’s track is a very enlightening one. It is very very important to be alert during festivals and other occasions when you head out to a crowded area, especially, when there is a high alert in the city. One small effort from our end can be of great help to the police, and save a lot of lives from terrorism.”

What will happen next? Will the police be able to save Kapi’s life?

To find out tune into Chidiyaghar, Monday to Friday, 9pm only on Sony SAB!!!

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