Babuji turns out to be a hidden warrior of Sony SAB’s Chidiyaghar

Rajendra Gupta who plays the role of Babuji in Sony Sab’s Chidiyaghar is a caring man and believes in good karma. He feels that whilst one cannot see the results of their actions immediately, they will definitely be rewarded for their good deeds eventually.

SONY SAB TV LogoWith the same belief he tries to advise his sons to be patient during difficult times and assures them that the almighty always has a plan in mind. When Gomukh (Sumit Arora) gets in trouble with a political rally the police refused to support him, instead, they asked him to drop the case for his own benefit. This incident forces Gomukh to let go of all the good values (Sanskaar) that he has learnt from Babuji.

In the subsequent days, the politician and his followers are seen being beaten up in the wee hours of the night by an unidentified individual. Gomukh is overjoyed when he hears about the incident, but his happiness is short lived when the police arrest him with a suspicion of revenge.

Rajendra Gupta as Babuji and Sumit Arora as Gomukh in Sony SABs ChidiyagharThe unidentified individual feels compelled to confess in order to prove Gomukh’s innocence. The unidentified individual is none other than Babuji!!!

Everyone in the family is shocked to discover that Babuji chose violence for justice. Babuji, who is always perceived as a noble and peaceful individual was suddenly put under the spotlight for a terrible crime!

Commenting on this week’s track, Rajendra Gupta who plays Babuji, said, “A father can go to any lengths to save his children from trouble. Similarly, when Gomukh is in trouble, my character of Babuji in the show will be seen making several sacrifices against his own principles.”

Why did Babuji resort to such extreme action?

To find out tune into Chidiyaghar, Monday to Friday, 9pm only on Sony SAB!!!

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