McDonald’s Announces Official Opening of its First Restaurant in Kollam

‘Namaskaram’ Kollam

Expands its footprint in South India to 97 restaurants

Adds 8th restaurant in Kerala

McDonalds - LogoWestlife Development Limited (BSE: 505533), owner of the Master Franchisee of McDonald’s® restaurants in West & South India, today announced the opening of the first McDonald’s restaurant in the coastal city of Kollam. Kollam, the fourth most populous city in Kerala, is located 71 kms from the state capital of Thiruvananthapuram and is known for the timber, sea food processing, cashews and coir manufacturing industries.

December 28 will see the famous Golden Arches open its first restaurant in the coastal city of Kollam which also marks the 97th restaurant for the chain in south India and the 8th in the state of Kerala.

Sporting fresh and contemporary designs, this 2700 sq.ft. McDonald’s restaurant will seat 100 customers. The new restaurant will provide an appealing customer experience – from menu and service to value and convenience, the USP of the brand, worldwide. Customers will enjoy a multitude of offerings through the day including delicious McDonald’s food, family-friendly amenities like a children’s playplace and party area, and parking facilities for 180 cars and more than 150 motorbikes.

McDonald’s will employ approximately 25 local residents, providing them world- class training to successfully run its restaurant operations. McDonald’s through its restaurants’ provides opportunities for first time job seekers while also adding to the strength of its employee base across Kerala and 2725 in South India.

On the menu front, customers will enjoy an extensive range of delicious McDonald’s® food – from burgers such as the iconic Maharaja Mac (an equivalent of Big Mac), Filet-o-Fish, McChickenâ„¢, Chicken McGrill and McSpicy Chickenâ„¢, McAlooâ„¢ Tikki and the all steamed McEgg Burger. They can also choose from flavourful wraps such as the Big Spicy Paneer and Chicken wraps as well as variants of Saucy Wraps or merely enjoy sides such as the Chicken Wings and the world famous McDonald’s® French Fries. An extensive range of hot and cold beverage options will also be available to go with the meals. Customers will also be able to indulge in their cravings for something sweet with delectable dessert offerings.

Commenting on McDonald’s® restaurant launch in RP Mall, Mr. Gerald Dias, Director – South Operations said, “We are delighted to open our first restaurant in Kollam, a city that has great opportunities to grow our brand. Our commitment, to the residents of Kollam, is to deliver a modern and exciting restaurant experience with delicious food and beverage options our customers expect from us. McDonald’s® offers wholesome & delicious meal options and ensures that our customers get quality fresh food at great prices. Our menu has been created using flavourful spices that appeal to Indian palates. Our stringent focus on quality extends all the way from the farm right up to our restaurants.

Additionally, we meet the special requirements of vegetarians by strictly segregating vegetarian and nonvegetarian cooking and serving areas in our restaurants. In fact, most of our sauces including mayonnaise and even our Soft Servesâ„¢ are 100% vegetarian.

I’m thrilled to celebrate this moment with our local team and welcome our new employees and customers together. Kerala, as a state, holds huge potential for growth and we look forward to building our brand and our business responsibly and making a positive impact in the local community,” Mr. Dias added.

McDonald’s® welcomes the residents of Kollam to enjoy a memorable gastronomic experience, courteous and quick service, with quality food that is the hallmark of the brand.

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