AVON Presents ANEW Retroactive Anti-Ageing Range

Inspired by Nobel Prize Technology to Freeze youth at the best moment

Avon - LogoTime to bid goodbye to fine lines and wrinkles with AVON’s Anew Retroactive Anti-Ageing Range. This magical range smartly repairs both visible and invisible signs of ageing, locks youth from the root and prevents from any future ageing.

Avon Anew Anti-ageing products have been helping millions of Avon customers across the world look younger and beautiful for over two decades now. With skincare breakthroughs and clinically tested anti-ageing technology, Avon continues to revolutionize the world of skincare. New Retroactive Range is a giant step in restoring youth in only 7 days, by preventing and repairing early signs of ageing.

Inspired by Nobel Prize technology, this range smartly takes care of signs of ageing and invisible micro damages which may have been accumulating for as long as 9 years. Highly active antioxidant, provides skin with 8-dimensional protection. 100% women perceived a younger looking skin in just 1 week!

So, while there are ample issues to fret about, Anew Retroactive is the new Ninja that fights for your skin, helping you strike off anti-aging from your list.

Avon_Anew _Retroactive CreamsThe Range- (Price & Availability Details)

Cleanser: Washes off pore-clogging impurities and excess oil to make skin look refreshed and energized.

MRP: 699

Day Cream: Provides long lasting 24 hours moisturization. Improves skin overall photo damage in 7 days.

MRP: 1500

Night Cream: One little bottle to fight against micro damages. 100% women perceived a younger looking skin in just 1 week.

MRP: 1500

WHERE TO BUY Available exclusively through Avon Representatives. To locate an Avon Representative call 011-3377 2866 or visit in.avon.com

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