Two doctors from Chennai among the 20 most innovative pediatric surgeons globally

Dr. K. M. Cherian, Chairman and CEO, Frontier Lifeline Hospital and Dr. Mohammed Rela, Global Hospitals group are the two most innovative pediatric surgeons recognized in the article published by Top Master’s in Healthcare Administration. The article has collated list of medical professionals who have made noteworthy strides in areas of fetal and pediatric surgery, cardiac procedures, organ transplantation and ophthalmology as well as craniofacial, plastic and reconstructive surgeries.

Of the 26 million children born in India every year, approximately 1.83 million children die before their fifth birthday in India. This highlights the need for more innovations and inspires more and more medics to pursue their career as a pediatric surgeons and bring the much needed transformation in the field.

Speaking on this Dr. K M Cherian, Chairman and CEO, Frontier Lifeline said, “It is very encouraging to be recognized as an innovative pediatric surgeon globally. As a doctor, I have always strived to adapt new innovations that can help save many lives.  I would also like to congratulate Dr. Mohammed Rela, Global hospital Chennai for his immense contribution in the field.”

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