Kalash – Ek Vishwaas shoots at a new location, avoids possible mishap at the original studio

Balaji Production’s show Kalash – EK Vishwaas which is aired on Life Ok Channel had to take the decision of shifting to a new location over night as their everyday shooting location set at Kllick Nikxon is in danger. Due to the weather, the roof of the Set has become week and there is a possibility of it falling down anytime.

Balaji Production house took an overnight decision to shift the Set to Future Studio at Goregaon as they did not want to compromise on the grandness of the space as all their scenes require a large space. Also keeping in mind the safety of the cast and crew, they felt it is better to move somewhere else. Currently Kalash – Ek Vishwaas is having a re-engagement track of Ravi (Krip Suri) and Nevi (Seema Mishra). As the show is at a high point the production did not want to take any chance with the royalty. Usually, Balaji shows have their own Set but due to the unfortunate scene they had to move out and rent another set – Future Studio.

When asked about the incident, Aparna Dixit who potrays the role of the lead, Devika said, “Yes, it’s true that we have shifted to Future Studio as Kliick is now under renovation because of the falling ceiling. I was very much attached to Kllick as I have been shooting there since years but now it is like new start to all of us. I have a new makeup room which I have started to decorate. With new beginnings, new opportunities come our way is what I believe in so we hope that Future Studio works as a good luck charm for all of us and our TRP keep on increasing.”

Krip Suri who plays the lead actor said, “As it’s said, the Show Must Go on! Kalash- Ek Vishwaas shooting is now going on in full swing at Future studio”.

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