Columbia Asia Hospital, Gurgaon dispense free Basic Life Saving Training to general public

  • Columbia Asia Hospital’s Emergency department to provide one day BLS training certification
  • Participants to include, school children, university students, corporate officials

Columbia Asia Hospital, Gurgaon had organized one day certification training for general public on Basic life support techniques. It is part of their initiative called “Good Samaritans” started last year.

Under the campaign hospital has imparted Para-medic training to more than thousands of stakeholders including ambulance drivers and included a series of sessions with other stakeholders such as traffic policemen, media personnel, children in school & senior citizens with an aim of creating socially responsible citizens with basic techniques which could help saving people’s lives.

For a patient in a medical emergency such as a cardiac arrest or a road accident, the right emergency response can make a difference of life and death. However, owing to little or no awareness among people in India about basic life saving skills, many lives are lost before reaching a hospital. The first response may include first aid to stop bleeding before the patient reaches a hospital or it may require an intervention such as a cardiopulmonary resuscitation to revive the heart. All these skills need awareness about recognizing health conditions and basic training to react in an appropriate way.

Dr. Taposim Nath, Consultant & Head, Department of Emergency Medicine, Columbia Asia Hospital, Gurgaon,addressed the gathering of people along with Emergency Medical Technicians, and imparted training on administering first aid and handling medical emergencies as a matter of first response in any given situation. The session was conducted in line with standards established by American Heart Association Guidelines and included demonstrations by experts.

“In our session that we conducted today, we gave traing to the people on BLS , and the crowd was equally keen on learning how to react in emergency situation. They even shared instances where they were clueless about how to react in situation where a person collapsed. We also, spoke about the importance of BLS training and how it helps saving lives by acting in emergency situations. In all our session that we have been conducting in different settings we gave tips and training on how to react in different emergency situation for example sudden cardiac arrest and what immediate steps one can take to revive a person before an ambulance arrives. We also cleared various myths that people have about reacting in emergency situations. For example, we try to immediately pour water in the mouth of a person who has fainted, when this can actually choke the person, rather than revive him/her. This is why basic emergency response training is so important,” Dr. Taposim Nath, Consultant & Head, Department of Emergency Medicine, Columbia Asia Hospital, Gurgaon.

After the training session, Certificates of Training were also given to the trainees. After having a successful run of the campaign for almost a year, the hospital is also launching “Good Samaritan Awards” for those who have saved lives.

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