launches microfilms on YouTube to get people to renew their insurance online

Beware! This New Hacker Could Be Trolling You and BBH India create hilarious microfilms to get people to renew their insurance online, India’s leading online insurance portal today launched humorous microfilms to engage people to renew their insurance. The campaign created by BBH India is a digital innovation on YouTube, consisting of 10 videos of 6.5 seconds each.

Despite receiving numerous reminders from insurance companies, customers often forget to renew their car insurance on time, and end up paying hefty fines. While most insurance companies send out generic email reminders, Coverfox decided to take a humorous approach by creating entertaining reminders that customers can’t possibly ignore, by taking over just the things they watch on the internet. Using YouTube’s retargeting platform, the campaign specifically tracks down people who visited Coverfox, but didn’t renew their insurance, and then takes over their internet experience.

The YouTube pre-roll films feature a Coverfox employee vowing to place reminders all over the internet, to help customers catch their deadline. The reminders then show up in popular videos all through the week, every time the customer visits YouTube.

Jaimit Doshi, Chief Marketing Officer, says, “Consumers are exposed to myriad communication messages every day, and insurance as a sector is no different. Thus the task was to ensure we reach out to our audience in an innovative way that results in action. In true Coverfox style, we thought why not make it a bit fun. With BBH’s expertise, we put together these crisp films that are entertaining yet drive the message home and chose YouTube, as a medium because that’s where people go for fun and light browsing”

Speaking about the campaign, Russell Barrett, Managing Partner and Chief Creative Officer at BBH India, “We have all suffered a retargeting campaign at some point of our time on the internet. Big Data helps companies know what you’re doing and where you go. But how you use data can be the difference between irritation and engagement. I believe the brilliant teams at BBH and Coverfox have managed to pull off an incredibly smart, surprising and modern campaign here.”

Retargeting is one of the most popular ways of heightening engagement with audiences and pushing them further down the sales funnel. The new Coverfox campaign has taken it a notch higher. For the first time, a brand is telling a story through a sequence of video ads with the intensity of the message increasing throughout. Also by making the ads crisp within 6.5 secs, the films tackle the problem of the infamous YouTube ‘skip’ button, so 100% of the message is absorbed by the viewer before they even have a chance to skip.

Further, the reminders also follow the user on several websites, ranging from news sites to e-commerce portals, in the most unexpected ways.

Watch the film here:


Agency – BBH

Creative Team 

  • Chief Creative Officer – Russell Barrett
  • Creative Director (Art) – Ajmal Mohammad
  • Creative Director (Copy) – Karunasagar Sridharan

BBH Production 

  • Executive Producer – Reema Asrani

Account Management

  • Managing Director – Arvind Krishnan
  • Business Head – Monideepa Nandi
  • Sr. Business Partner - Vivek Krishnaswamy
  • Business Partner – Priyanka Samant

Production House - Rising Star

Director – Nandkishor Tatar

Producer – Nasir Khan

DOP – Yash Khanna

Assistant Director – Sandeep Chaurasia

Casting Director – Kalpesh More

Art Director - Raju Yadav

Costume Stylist - Disha Selarka

Photographer - Pratim Shankar

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