Sayani Gupta looks her quirky best on the July cover of The Juice magazine by Jabong

Plus: The ultimate art issue along with best trends in fashion and beauty

Jabong, India’s leading fashion e-tailer, has launched the July issue of its monthly style guide, The Juice. Cover star Sayani Gupta, an Indie Bollywood actress, rocks a tropical printed dress from TOPSHOP available exclusively on Jabong.

In a no-holds-barred interview, The Juice got the darling of indie cinema Sayani Gupta to talk about her life, her roles and her quest to make and break Bollywood. Fashion photographer Nuno Oliveira captures the actress at her fierce best.

This issue is replete with everything art but breaks away from the traditional perception of it being all about paintings and sculptures. Art has evolved by adapting to digital technology, which has now become an essential tool for many artists around the world. Highlighting this change is a feature on Kulture Shop, a collective that creates prints on T-shirts in collaboration with some of India’s most talented illustrators. Humour is also celebrated as an art with a feature on three women comics – Aditi Mittal, Kaneez Surka and Neeti Palta – who’ve perfectly timed their punchlines in the Indian stand-up comedy scene.

Say goodbye to grey, rainy days with the bold graphics and quirky pop-art accessories in bright colours of the season – our fashion pages make sure that July is the most vibrant month of the year. The beauty pages of the magazine bring you the best of eye make-up trends from the runway.

Here are some interesting excerpts from the interview with Sayani Gupta:

On Bollywood She leans back, pensive, her cigarette punctuating her sentences – a familiar scene that belongs more to a coffee house in Kolkata than a trailer in Mumbai. “In the bigger film, honestly, nobody gives a shit about talent. Mumbai is a place of mediocrity.” Her arms windmill above her head. “The day before I read this article by Adoor Gopalakrishnan and he said, ‘We are actually habituated to seeing bad films. That’s why when one or two decent films come out, we’re like ‘OMG, this is great cinema.’”

On shooting Fan with Shah Rukh Khan She’s also not your average Bollywood actress. Average Bollywood actresses don’t say “Shah Rukh Khan” and “tatti” in the same breath. But here she is, enthusiastically holding forth on both. “For Fan, Shah Rukh Khan had a 3 pm to 3 am call time, which is also my favourite shift, because you can wake up by 12 and still have a nice lunch and have a couple of hours to yourself before you start work.” And here’s the kicker. “I generally say ‘Subah subah acting aur tatti dono nahi aati hai’.

On role research for Margarita with a Straw “It was ridiculous. Kalki had been on the wheelchair for six months to get into character. I had to do research so I reached out to the National Association for the Blind, to take classes with the children, participate in daily activities.” She spent time with girls at the Hostel for Blind Working Women in Andheri, Mumbai. In Delhi she hung with another visually challenged woman Madhubala, who gave her a glimpse into her family and conjugal life as well.

Grab your copy now of The Juice magazine to read the entire interview or log onto for the digital edition.

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