Bonita India Launches New Classy 3 Tier Shoe Rack

Your Footwear Need Not be an Aesthetic Eyesore: Store Your Shoes in Style with Bonita’s New Classy 3 TierShoe Rack

Bonita’s Classy 3 tier shoe rack is the most beautiful footwear storage space you can bring home

All the more, it is a multi utility storage tool that can also be used for racking up kitchen utensils or double up as a utility rackin your living room

When it comes to footwear, we often tend to overindulge ourselves, buying pair after pair because they are oh-so-irresistible! But trouble arises when we need to stack them neatly in the limited storage spaces of our already crammed up urban homes.

If you are one of those whose fetish for footwear has inundated your house, Bonita’s latest Classy 3 tier shoe rack is tailor made for you!

Made of Strong Steel Tubular Construction, it is  highly sturdy and durable yet light weight and portable .Bonita’s Classy 3 tier Shoe Rack offers a highly convenient and aesthetically appealing solution for stacking up all the house’s footwear neatly. Its attractive designing and colourful exterior ensures it only adds grace and elegance to your home sweet home. Simply place the rack in any corner of your home and store your footwear on it. The attractive colours add to the style and aesthetic beauty of your home.

Unlike normal shoe racks, Bonita’s Classy 3 tier shoe rack comes with a semi-transparent flap cover that can be used to neatly cover the shoes, prevent dust from settling in on your valuable footwear and even hide the contents.

Another additional feature includes side pockets that can be used for storing shoe laces, polish cans, brushes, dusters etc without making these accessories manifest.

“If you have four members in your family, the total number of shoes existing in the house can be quite overwhelming. Most often, our cupboards and almirahs fall short of space, leaving footwear stacked in each subtle corner of the house, under the beds, under tables. At the same time, the shoe racks that are available in the market do not offer a very pleasing appearance and tend to become an eyesore in the middle of the house. Keeping all these issues in mind, we at Bonita have worked to make this simple yet highly important storage tool more likeable and convenient by adding a little innovation and creativity to it. Bonita’s shoe racks are highly attractive and aesthetically appealing while being of supreme quality and long durability. It can also be used to store magazines, kitchenwares and other accessories of the house,” says Mr Umang Srivastava , JMD Bonita India.

Thick epoxy powder coated steel tubes provide extra life and  durability, so that you do not need to buy a shoe rack every two years because the last one has degraded.

The multi-faceted and attractive designing of the product makes it a highly versatile product. You don’t have to essentially use it only as a shoe rack; you can also pick up one for your kitchen or living room for storing other essentials. It can be used as a multi-utility rack for placing magazines, newspapers, toys, kitchen accessories, other Utility accessories, etc.

Product Open Size (LxWxH) – 72.5(L) x 30 (W) X 56(H) cms

Price: Rs 2,295/-

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