NIIT launches course in Web App Development with MEAN Stack under Digital Transformation series

  • To enable students gain end-to-end programming skills to launch their own web and mobile  apps

  • To create full-stack web developers for start-ups and product engineering organizations

NIIT - digi Nxt - logoNIIT, a global leader in skills and talent development, today launched a course in Web App Development with MEAN Stack under the DigiNxt Series. The company has recently ventured into Digital Transformation to offer pioneering programs to young aspirants wishing to enter the digital services industry, as well as to IT professionals wishing to reskill themselves for the new digital world. The cutting-edge program will use student-centred pedagogy of project-based learning to help them carve successful career in the emerging digital era. Some of the famous web applications like LinkedIn, Netflix, Uber, Paypal, etc. have been built using MEAN Stack.

MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, Node.js (MEAN) represents a group of open source technologies which are known to synergize well together, thereby empowering students to launch their own web and mobile apps. The program will enable learners to develop, test and release complete Web Apps encompassing UI’s, Web Server layer, Middleware and Back-end supported by Product Engineering culture. The students are expected to spend at least 70% of their time on project work throughout the program. During the course students will work on two projects – Online Ticket Booking project and Online Cab Booking project. On successful completion of the 14 weeks’ program students will be offered 100% placement assistance. Admission to the program for the first batch will start from June 24, 2016.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Prakash Menon, President, Global Skills & Careers Group, NIIT Ltd said, “TodayDigital Transformation is going to drive the next phase of growth in the IT Industry. In fact, the process has already begun and is rapidly accelerating, as both IT companies as well as IT departments of large corporations are scrambling to address the acute shortage of digitally skilled professionals.”

He further added, “We at NIIT with over 35 years of experience and keen understanding of the changing skills requirement of the industry, are committed to offer a series of industry-aligned training programs in digital transformation. To cater to this need we recently launched, Java Enterprise Apps with Dev Ops, which has received an overwhelming response from the industry and in continuation to it we now introduce the MEAN Stack programme. With the launch of MEAN stack we aim to create full-stack developers for start-ups and product engineering organisations.”

According to Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2016, Javascript is the most popular programming language on earth. And even Back-end developers today are most likely to use Javascript than any other language. The MEAN Stack program will encompass the various aspects of Web app development and covers the following objectives: Design responsive Web apps using HTML5, CSS3, and various JavaScript frameworks such as Bootstrap & AngularJS, Develop Web apps using JavaScript frameworks such as, ExpressJS, NodeJS, & CommonJS, Create and consume Web services using RestAPI, Implement various testing tools, such as Mocha, Chai, Jasmine, and Protractor while developing Web apps.

MEAN stack is extremely quick prototype to work with. Node.js allows the programmer to use Javascript on the backend as well as the frontend, thus saving the programmer form learning separate languages. During the projects, the students will get to work on latest technologies like AngularJS, Bootstrap, JQuery, JS, HTML5 & CSS 3, ExpressJS, CommonJS, REST API, Yeoman, Gulp & NodeJS, MongoDB.

According to MIT Centre for Digital Business, 77% of organizations consider missing digital skills as the key hurdle to their transformation strategy. Therefore, Indian & Global IT Companies are investing heavily in building digital transformation skills to enable their clients transform digitally. As organizations are building talent pool, the most-sought after skill sets include: Product Engineering, Business Analytics, Cloud Technology and Architecture, Mobile Apps, Internet of Things and Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence.

To cater to this need, NIIT is introducing career programs in MEAN stack, Java Enterprise Engineering with DevOps, Big Data & Data Sciences, Web Technologies, Databases Systems, Cloud Computing, Mobile, Infrastructure Management Services (IMS), Cyber-Security, Enterprise Application, Telecom & Embedded Systems, Project Management, Internet of Things (IOT), Visual Design, Game Development, Design Thinking, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and Virtual Reality. Graduates and graduating students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics will be eligible to apply for these programs.

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