Bosch Launches ‘No Damage Campaign’ for happy clothes

Bosch’s specially designed Variodrum Technology with unique wave droplet design ensures that new and expensive clothes are washed gently without any damage

BOSCH - LogoBosch Household Appliances, Europe’s largest home appliances brand renowned for their superior quality and German engineering has launched a ‘No Damage Campaign’ for their new range of washing machines. This campaign marks the launch of Bosch’s new range of products into the 6.5 to 8 kg laundry category.

One key understanding of the consumer that emerged through surveys and research was that most consumers were concerned about their expensive and new clothes being damaged during the washing cycle in a machine. Therefore, they would prefer hand washing or dry cleaning their valuable clothes to prevent the damage and preserve their clothes for a longer duration.

Equipped with Variodrum Technology with unique wave droplet design, the Bosch washing machines ensure that clothes are washed gently with no damage whatsoever. In the bouquet of appliances within this range, Bosch washing machines is touted to solve the problem of expensive clothes remaining damage free and looking brand new in all weathers. The 7 Kg and above range of washing machines are validated by the ‘wfk Cleaning and Technology Research Institute’. ‘These machines are tested on 6 common fabrics, they are also certified by ECARF(European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation), a premier organization in Berlin, Germany that supports and certifies allergy research.

Speaking on this occasion, Mr. Gunjan Srivastava, MD & CEO, BSH Household Appliances Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd. said, ‘With the extensive research conducted, we realized that most customers do not prefer using washing machines to wash their new and expensive clothes as they fear spoiling them. The big drum (Variodrum) in our new range of washing machines allows clothes to rotate freely. The Variodrum has an elevated design which gives a gentle batting effect to the clothes and enhances the washing. The droplets on the sides of the machine ensure that the laundry is protected and there is less creasing.’ Also, our patented anti vibration sidewalls ensures there is no noise during the final spin cycle.

He added, “We have also ensured that the consumers get the best after sales service. The entire installation of the appliance would be done by trained professionals from Bosch. More than 90% of the installation is completed within 24 hours. We also offer competitive costs for extended warranty and spare parts. In case any part of the appliance is damaged accidently or malfunctions at a later stage of usage, it can be replaced as the spare parts are available for 10 years.

Bosch is at present Europe’s leading household appliance brand that defines superior German technology which facilitates convenience. Bosch Home Appliances is committed to creating some of the world’s best household appliances that offer world class energy efficient and water saving features. Post intensive research within the Indian demography, Bosch washing machines have been developed keeping in mind certain features specific for the Indian market; the features are as follows:

  • Voltcheck – This feature helps to stabilize the machine if there are voltage fluctuations, an issue faced by Indians
  • Monsoon Program – This feature helps to provide 10% more drying efficiency during the monsoons
  • Bigger washing capacity – As Indian families are usually larger in size (joint families rather than nuclear), Bosch washing machines come with a larger washing capacity allowing bigger wash cycles thus saving energy
  • Flexibility Washing – Flexibility washing helps save water as it uses only as much water as required since its sensors judge the amount of clothes in the machine and customizes the water level accordingly

A new TV Commercial on the ‘No Damage’ campaign will go on air on June 20th 2016 in Tamil Nadu & Andhra Pradesh followed by a national presence from the 1st week of July. The approach here has been focused to target General entertainment channels, news channels & movie channels to create the needed impact & reach for the campaign. The TVC is available here and the hashtag for the campaign is #SafeFromDamage.

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