It’s raining money in SAB TV’s Chidiyaghar!

Babuji (Rajendra Gupta) goes to watch a movie with his entire family and on returning, they find a lot of money kept in their house, catching all the family members by surprise and unaware.

Meanwhile, they hear a minister giving a speech about ‘black money’. Suspecting a connection between the two, the family members go to the minister and let him know about the money.

Meanwhile the family members of Chidiyaghar are very ecstatic about finding a huge amount of money and find unique ways to spend it. Balwan and Girbal who are taking a stroll in the market find Koyal (Aditi Sajwan) and Mayuri (Shafaq Naaz) shopping and donating 1000 rupees to a beggar and find their behavior suspicious. The two then try to steal the money, but the minister arrives there in the nick of time and stops them from doing so.

Aditi Sajwan who plays Koyal in SAB TV’s Chidiyaghar said, “The members of Chidiyaghar find a huge amount of money in their house when they return from a movie outing. The entire family is now trying to solve the puzzle as to who has left the money there. Meanwhile, the bahus of the house who have been complaining about the persistent money issues are spending the money the way they want to and in the process raising many eyebrows in the mohalla.

The whole moholla gets involved in solving this mystery .They end up saving the money from getting spoiled in rains, from local goons and even from larger forces. It is actually a story that tests the morality and character of all living in chidiyaghar when money in such a humongous amount is at their disposal. Will they keep the money or will they send it back to where it belongs remains the question.”

Will Babu ji and the members of Chidiyaghar be able to find the rightful owner of the money?

To find out, tune into Chidiya Ghar, from Monday to Friday at 9 pm, only on SAB TV.

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