Sagar Ratna’s ‘Gadbad Sundae’ and ‘Watermelon Juice’ revitalizes the taste buds during this scorching heat

Sagar Ratna - LogoSagar Ratna, one of the most recognised names for South Indian food launches delectable “Gadbad” Sundae ice-cream and refreshing “Watermelon Juice” in its 37 restaurants across Delhi & NCR. The cool menus received a hot response from the fans and patrons of Sagar Ratna, who are relishing the fresh, healthy and sumptuous food for almost 3 decades. The majority of food fanatics was pleased to pamper themselves with tempting “Gadbad” sundae andsalubrious “Watermelon Juice”.

Sagar Ratna - Ice Cream gudbud sundaeGadbad” sundae is a colourful camouflage of mango, vanilla and strawberry ice creams all mixed together topped with cashew nuts, fruit cocktails and cherry. The amalgamation of all top summer flavours will add a soothing touch and is sure to refresh your mind from the hot weather. The nuts at the top will give a crunchy touch to your taste. Seasoned with chocolate syrup, Gadbad is priced at Rs. 150, per serving. The fresh watermelon juice (250ml) in glass tumbler is available at Rs. 120, only which will re-energize your senses besides giving you a healthy retreat.

Sagar Ratna started its first branch in Defence Colony in 1986 and since then it has moved on to become the most preferred destination for South Indian cuisines across the country. The chain is currently headed by CEO Murali Krishna Parna for the last four years.Within a short span Sagar Ratna has spread its wings far and wide and today with more than 90 restaurants, Sagar Ratna has established its presence in the National Capital Region (NCR) through company owned restaurants and in various prominent cities of North India through franchise outlets. Having won numerous awards in the Hospitality industry in various categories over the years, Sagar Ratna continues to delight its customers with its authentic South Indian food cooked fresh many times a day.

Item : Gadbad Sundae’ and ‘Watermelon Juice’

Timings : 11:00 am to 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Venue : Sagar Ratna ,Delhi ,NCR

Price-  Gadbad is priced at Rs. 150, per serving, The fresh watermelon juice (250ml) in glass tumbler is available at Rs. 120.

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