New Android App Development Program Launched in India

ADTC Global Education with Australian Technical and Management College launches new course on Android Application Development.

ADTC Global Education, a premier online training organization, has launched a brand new course on Android application development programme. The android applicationdevelopment programme is designed to meet the learning and career goals of professional developers as well as beginners. The course requires participants to have a basic understanding of Java and Android.

The android development programme is designed to impart training on the core aspects of building a professional mobile application in Android. “Our android app development course is focused on professionals, students and entrepreneurs looking to build specific skill set. The demand for Android developers is growing exponentially and organizations around the globe are struggling to find good developers.” said Amitabh Sen Gupta, Director, ADTC Global Education.

ADTC Global Education is also creating talent in areas of general management, project management, analytics, digital marketing and offers the programs globally from premier institutions.

The programme curriculum is divided in to 25 sections with real time live virtual sessions on individual topics. Each section covers relevant topic, such as introduction to the program, project setup, parse classes, linking with Facebook SD, code progression, sending push notifications etc. The course content has been developed by experts in an easy-to-understand language. Our android training program is designed to suit the learning styles of professionals as well as students.

The android development training is focused on hands-on live online training with weekend classes and weekdays online support. At the end of the training program, each participant is expected to build an Android application and put it in Google Marketplace for successful completion of the program. Graduates will later have the opportunity to demo their Android app to their future employers.

Amitabh further added that “Mobile application development is a niche field and Android is an obvious leader in connected device platform marketplace. It is not an exaggeration to say that Android is the most popular platform for mobile application development. With that, Android developers will witness good growth prospects in the industry. The growth of Android had been exponential in 2015”.

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