Layom Institute of Kathak Celebrates ‘Avartan’ – A Classical Extravaganza

Ms. Vedant Bhagwat-Mahadik felicitating MLA Medha KulkarniThe Layom Institute of Kathak in collaboration with Layom Institute of Arts and Media recently celebrated its 6th anniversary. A conglomerate of 100 students performed different traditional as well as experimental choreographies in the presence of MLA Mrs. Medha Kulkarni at Karnatak High School Auditorium, Pune.

The talented and exuberant students performed the traditional dance forms including taal tentaal, makhan chori, bhajan and Hori which were highly appreciated by all. The highlights of the event were the Shiv Vandana and Lakxmi stuti and Tarana Jugalbandi by Bharatnatayam and Kathak teachers Mrs. Rama Kuknur Kanitkar and Mrs. Vedanti Bhagwat – Mahadik.

Mrs. Kulkarni expressed her opinion on the need for students to indulge and be enriched by classical dance forms. She opined, “I have recently observed the trend of kids in reality show I strongly suggest that parents should instead opt for such classical art forms as they teach a lot of values.”

The students also depicted contemporary and experimental choreographies like Trimurasur vadh, Madhrashtaka, Gokul ka Gopal and a few recorded performances which received tremendous response. An amalgamation of students of all classes including Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Sugan sangeet, Shastriya sangeet, Tabla and Harmonium performed together with their respective teachers to create a classical extravaganza.

It was a visual spectacle and the efforts of the students and teachers shone through the entire event. It was like a much needed breathe of ethnic entertainment.

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