ID presents a stricking new series on Love, Betrayal and Crime in Forbidden: Dying for Love

As the saying goes, ‘Everything is fair in love and war’, this is just literally taken and proven evidently in ID- Investigation Discovery’s new series - FORBIDDEN: DYING FOR LOVE. This new crime series will feature the most terrifying stories of forbidden love, where relationships will break taboos, cross boundaries, shock communities, and lead to extraordinary and awful crimes that no one can predict.

FORBIDDEN: DYING FOR LOVE will premiere from 9th May and will air every Saturday-Sunday at 7PM only on ID.

The true crime series follows strange and disturbing cases that will leave everyone stunned. Viewers will witness stories where lovers will be seen breaking religious conventions, against all the laws of the society for the sake of love and how it culminates into crime. A priest falling for a nun, a young girl’s attraction towards a prison guard are just some of the taboos that will be broken in this exciting new series.Each episode will deep dive into the life of these psychic lovers who will be seen challenging all the forces of society and nature to get what they want!

Love has always proven to be the strongest weapon against any crime, but what will happen when people in love are unable to see the mistakes they commit? The series will explore these facets of love and much more. Watch the tales of true love crossing its limits and charting dangerous territory in FORBIDDEN: DYING FOR LOVE only on ID.

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