FB Start program welcomes FoodCloud

foodcloud - logoFoodCloud, an online portal that connects foodies with home chefs and caterers in Delhi-NCR, has been making news for its acceptance in the FB Start program.

FoodCloud’s Android App has been accepted to the Bootstrap track of FB Start, Facebook’s international program to help mobile startups succeed. The app was chosen because of its impressive development so far and its potential for continued growth. FoodCloud received $30,000 worth of rewards from Facebook.

Expanding the benefits to more than 3,800 start-ups, FbStart provides a new track for launching startups and offering additional benefits for games and social good developers. It is growing rapidly, with the number of participating startups rising by 61 percent in the past five months. FoodCloud has been able to use the rewards to significantly increase it’s reach amongst new customers, to better serve it’s existing customers and to improve the app by doing extensive testing.

FoodCloud is the best place for one to find and order delicious home-cooked food delivered to your doorstep at amazing prices; made with love! The platform offers a variety of cuisines and menus and have many mouthwatering treats coming from home chefs who cook Austrian, Goan, Kashmiri and belong to these cultures. Brainchild of Vedant Kanoi and Shamit Khemka, foodcloud.in is based on the core philosophy of discovering the hidden talent in Indian kitchens and empower women who are excellent cooks but don’t have a direction to turn their passion into profession.

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