Dongaria Kondh Sarapanch gets National Award


On the eve of women’s Political Empowerment day Dinja Jakesika,Sarapanch Kurli Gram Panchayat in Bissam Cuttack Block received the award for Outstanding Women Panchayat Leaders 2016 at Abdul Nazir Sab Hall, Institute of Social Sciences, New Delhi . Ms. Lalitha Kumaramangalam, Chairperson, National Commission for Women attended as the Chief Guest and said that Dinja jakesika is a role model for others as she has been taking various steps towards the development of donagria kondhs in a remote area of Odisha. Delegates like Monica L Muotish-ambassador of Columbia,S narayudu Roy-Chairman ISS ,Bidyut Mohanty-ISS Women Chapter ,George Mathew-President etc.

After getting the award, Dinja thanked to the dongaria kondhs who supported her in last election 2012 and told that education can bring the development in the region and people will be developed .Similarly industrialisation can bring more development to the region.

She has sent 200 students to nearby tribal residential for education and 80 students to KISS, Bhubaneswar & RK Mission, Hatamuniguda for quality education  and completed 260 IAY buildings where another 400 are in pipeline,fecilitated 200 more old age pensions and widow pensions by dialoguing with Govt.  mechanism.

To be noted that since its inception in 1985, the Institute of Social Sciences, New Delhi, has been working for the strengthening of Panchayati Raj in the country. When the 73rd Constitution Amendment with its provision of not less than one-third of seats reserved for women became Part IX of the Constitution on 24th April 1993, the Institute took the initiative to celebrate this historic day as “Women’s Political Empowerment Day” at the national level.From 1994 onwards, the Institute has brought together thousands of elected women panchayat representatives on 24 April to Delhi from all over the country to celebrate the day. Each year these celebrations focus on a specific theme Panchayats, Women and Sustainable Development Goals.

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